Experience Venice this summer

When it comes to listing the most spectacular destinations in the Mediterranean, few places are more impressive than Venice. Situated at the northernmost tip of the Adriatic Sea, this city that floats on the water is both romantically beautiful and historically significant. A cruise offers the chance to dock directly in the heart of Venice and explore everything this impressive city has to offer.

Historically, Venice has been influenced by many imposing empires and evidence of each of these era remains present to this day. There are plenty of impressive landmarks to visit and admire during your visit on board a selected Pullmantur sailing. This week, we take a look at some of the best landmarks that you should definitely consider factoring into your visit to this floating city.

Doges Palace (Palazzo Ducale)

Doges Palace

Built in Venetian Gothic style, the Doge’s Palace is one of the most significant landmarks in all of Italy and has a history that extends back to the 14th century. As the name suggests, it was the residence of the Doge of Venice and has been open as a museum since 1923. Various parts of the palace have been altered since the 14th century, although one of the oldest remaining parts of the building is the exterior, which contains a number of 14th century sculptures. Contrastingly, the Museo dell’Opera has been altered and modified multiple times. The Institutional Chambers are some of the most ornate rooms within the palace, with many beautifully designed rooms and works of art on display.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

Initially built as a pontoon bridge in the 12th century, it has become one of the most iconic landmarks in Venice and a synonymous symbol of the city. This was the first dry crossing across the Grand Canal of Venice and is also known for being the site of the renowned Rialto market. The structure, as it is known today, was built towards the end of the 16th century and is renowned as an architectural and engineering achievement of the Renaissance period. It consists of a single stone-arch span that supports a rectangular deck carrying two arcades of shops.

Saint Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco)

Saint Mark’s Basilica

Located within the Piazza San Marco is another of Venice’s most impressive landmarks. The queues outside the landmark is extensive, so it may be worth trying to book a ticket in advance. Upon entering, your visit inside the basilica will last no longer than 20 minutes and you are not permitted to take photographs inside. However, those who do make it inside will be rewarded with some of Venice’s most impressive treasures including the gilded bronze horses. You can pay an addition fee to admire the high altar and treasury and there is also a museum upstairs – where you can learn more about this impressive historical landmark.

Venice is home to hundreds of impressive landmarks – all of which are contrastingly different, yet somehow manage to fit into place harmoniously. For more information about the full range of all-inclusive Mediterranean sailings with Pullmantur Cruises or to make a booking, contact our friendly sales team via the freephone number above or complete the online enquiry form.