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The Italian coast is well known for its stunning coast line, which offers a point of access to some of the most impressive cities on earth. They say Italy is one of the most romantic countries on earth and a cruise along its stunning coastlines will make this instantly apparent.


Naples, in southern Italy, is known for being home to an array of interesting buildings and delicious cuisine – but it also provides a point of access to some of the most fascinating sights on earth. Overlooked by the towering Mount Vesuvius, the fascinating archaeological site of Pompeii welcomes visitors from around the globe. This UNESCO World Heritage site was engulfed by the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD, leaving in covered in ash and pumice until it was discovered in 1748. There are many individual landmarks worth visiting at the site of Pompeii and, this week, we take a closer look at the Italian city which has been frozen in time.

House of the Tragic Poet

A mosaic with a depiction of a chained dog and the words: “Cave Canem” or “Beware of the Dog” marks the entrance to one of the best-preserved houses in Pompeii. Bizarrely, despite the name, it has very little to do with a tragic poet - this was a nickname given to the house, as was the trend throughout the 19th century. Its interiors are made up of many remarkable frescoes and mosaics that have intrigued scholars for years.


Otherwise known as the brothel, Lupanar has become one of the most popular sites to visit in all of Pompeii. The site contains many explicit frescoes – each of which is thought to depict the services available in any particular room. Each room features a particularly small bed and an array of graffiti which dates back to when the site was in full operation.


Pompeii Amphitheatre

This may be a trek away from the entrance and it may be worth visiting before anywhere else, but those who do make the effort will be duly rewarded. Pompeii’s amphitheatre is the earliest amphitheatre to survive anywhere on earth – 150 years older than the Roman Colosseum. Completed in 80BC, the 135 x 104 metre venue is thought to have once been capable of holding 20,000 spectators who would watch events involving gladiators and events involving wild animals.


Pompeii is home to a number of baths – all of which are worth seeing. The Stabian baths have interesting decorations and offer an insight into how they once functioned during Roman times. Situated close to the forum, the Forum baths are well-preserved and roofed. Additionally, there are the Central Baths, which cover a much larger area but are significantly less well-preserved.

Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo is considered to be one of the oldest buildings of Pompeii, housing an array of Etruscan items which are thought to date back to 575BC. The worship of Apollo was thought to have been associated with predictions of the future. Despite being significantly damaged during an earthquake in the 2nd century BC, it remains a must-see landmark.

This is just one of the many impressive landmarks that you can visit on an excursion with Pullmantur Cruises. Fascinating landmarks, bustling cities, charming towns and much more await your discovery in the Mediterranean. To book your cabin on an all-inclusive cruise or to find out more, contact us via the freephone number above or complete the online enquiry form.