Five facts you never knew about Grand Cayman

Situated to the west of Jamaica and south of Cuba, the Cayman Islands offer a unique sense of isolation and tranquillity. From magnificent beaches to an abundance of marine wildlife, these islands offer a Caribbean holiday experience unlike anything else.

Throughout the winter season, Pullmantur Cruises will operate a number of Caribbean itineraries that can take you to the city of Georgetown - the capital of Grand Cayman. This week, we outline five facts that you may not have known about this beautiful island.

A coral reef surrounds the island

Coral Reef

Certified divers can have a field day exploring the magnificent array of colours that live in the surrounding waters of the island. If you don’t hold the necessary certificates, you can try your hand at snorkelling and admire the beautiful abundance of marine flora and fauna from above.

Stingrays thrive in the surrounding waters

Grand Cayman Stingrays

The warm waters that surround Grand Cayman offer perfect conditions for stingrays – something which becomes apparent upon visiting Stingray City. Located at a sandbar near a channel in Cayman’s barrier reef, you can admire a flock of stingrays which have become quite accustomed to receiving handouts from visitors and locals alike. You can even touch and hold the stingrays if you wish.

There’s a seven (6.3) mile-long beach

Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

You may be familiar with the renowned Seven Mile Beach, which is one of the greatest appeals of the entire island. What you may not realise is that, at 6.3 miles long, the beach is not actually seven miles. Despite this misconception, it is still easily one of the finest beaches in all of the Caribbean – offering a huge expanse of powder white sands that are brushed by crystal clear turquoise waters.

You can eat and drink rum

Rum Cake

You may know that rum is synonymous with the Caribbean and is readily available on almost every island. Grand Cayman is home to its own distillery, where you can literally eat and drink locally-produced rum in the form of cake. Situated on the Seven Mile Beach, you can enjoy a tour of the Tortuga Rum distillery, where several varieties of rum and the world-famous Tortuga Rum Cake is produced.

You can visit Hell

Grand Cayman Hell

In this case, Hell refers to a small location where you will find black volcanic rock formations that are thought to resemble what the real hell might look like. This might not sound all that exciting, but it is worth visiting if just to get a unique postcard photo or purchase a local souvenir.

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