Five things to see in Dubai

2018 is certainly an exciting year for Pullmantur Cruises, with sailings departing in new and exciting regions around the world. In the winter season, Horizon will operate her maiden itinerary in the Middle East with the ‘Legends of Arabia’ sailing. This will be the first of 13 seven-night sailings that will see passengers travel to an exciting range of exotic destinations while also being able to enjoy all-inclusive value that is synonymous with the line.

During each of these new and exciting itineraries, passengers will be able to travel to destinations including Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Khasab and Muscat. Arguably the most exciting destination, however, is the iconic UAE city of Dubai. Home to some of the most glamorous environments, tallest towers and beautiful beaches, this is a city that will leave a long-lasting impression. We take a closer look at some of the best things you can look forward to during a visit to this impressive city.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Shopping Mall

Since officially opening in 2008, the Burj Khalifa has been recognised as the tallest building in the world - standing at a total height of 828 metres and featuring no fewer than 160 floors. The design of this iconic building seems to resemble several stacks of coins and it currently houses nine hotels and a Las Vegas-inspired fountain system. If you head to the 124th floor, you can enjoy mesmerising panoramic views of Dubai from a designated observation platform. A truly sublime experience that really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.


Dubai Beach

Not only is Dubai considered an ideal destination for some of the world’s leading business figures, but it also renowned for its range of paradise beaches. Pure white sands and tranquil clear waters combine to create the perfect relaxing environment in which to soak in the warmth of the Arabian sun. The water temperatures can often reach up to 22C in the winter, making for a refreshing dip. There will be another opportunity for beach relaxation during your cruise, however, with a call into Fujairah, which is renowned for its sunny beaches.

Desert Safari

For an entirely different sand-based adventure, you may enjoy an exhilarating experience on the surrounding deserts of Dubai. Hop into a safari jeep and embark on a guided tour of the desert and you will be able to enjoy an extreme sport known as dune bashing. You will enjoy a roller coaster ride over these dunes before finding a strategic point to watch the sunset.

Mega Malls and Super Souks

Dubai Shopping Mall

It goes without saying that Dubai is highly renowned for its plethora of shopping opportunities. Glittering malls filled with shops selling everything you could possibly think of awaiting your perusal, while Dubai Mall – the largest mall in the world – even houses an indoor ice rink and an aquarium containing colourful fish and huge sharks. Contrastingly, you can enjoy a more authentic shopping experience at one of the souk marketplaces. There are entire souks dedicated to selling dazzling amounts of gold, while foodies will love the aromas of the spice souk, where you are sure to find plenty of condiments to flavour up your home cooking.

Old Dubai

While many visitors to Dubai flock to the metropolitan highlights and golden beaches, there is also a well-preserved old town that is worth exploring. There are many buildings worth exploring including Al Ahmadiya School, Bastakiya District, Dubai Museum and Jumeirah Mosque that can offer an insight into the history of Dubai. You will also find a number of authentic-style souks in this area, where you are sure to be able to find a valuable souvenir.

The first Middle East sailing for Pullmantur Cruises is due to depart on December 8th, 2018, with Horizon taking passengers to a range of beautiful destinations. Additionally, Pullmantur will also operate its first sailing to the Arctic Circle in 2018, providing passengers with a unique opportunity to admire polar bears in the wild.

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