Four top things to do in Malaga


Although the colder temperatures may be beginning to settle across the UK, sunnier climes are never too far away and Pullmantur Cruises can ensure you enjoy a relaxing holiday experience. There is still time to embark on a Mediterranean sailing before the end of the cruising season, with each itinerary taking you to a range of warm and inviting destinations. All, of which, can be enjoyed while also taking advantage of the all-inclusive on board atmosphere that Pullmantur provides, with all meals, drinks, on board entertainment and much more included in your fare.

The seven-night Legends of the Mediterranean itinerary provides an opportunity to visit a number of sun-kissed islands as well as coastal destinations in Spain and Italy. While Malaga may be best known for its array of beaches, this stunning city has much more to offer than you might think. So, without further ado, we take a closer look at four of the best things you can enjoy during your visit.

Rock Climbing

Thrill seekers looking for something a bit more exhilarating during their visit to Malaga will be delighted at the rock climbing opportunities available. Situated beside El Chorro gorge, this fantastic venue provides an opportunity to admire the natural environment in a fun and exciting way. The climb also features a section known as the ‘Kings Walkway’, where visitors can traverse an amazing suspended pathway above the gorge.

Visit the Alcazaba

Unknown to some, Malaga was once ruled by the Moorish empire and the influence still remains in certain areas throughout Spain. The Alcazaba is an 11th century castle and fort which was built upon a hill in the middle of the city. Upon entering the ramparts, you will be treated to fabulous views over the city, as well as the opportunity to access an authentic Moorish Palace which holds a number of interesting artefacts from excavations in the area.

Learn about Picasso

Born in Malaga in 1881, Picasso’s use of colour and creativity continues to influence the world of art to this day. A visit to Malaga is, for any art fanatic, incomplete without visiting the many relics of Picasso that are present throughout the city. You can visit his birthplace and admire some of the paintings created by Picasso throughout his childhood. Alternatively, you can head to the Picasso Museum and enjoy a general overview of the artist’s life and work.


No mention of Malaga would be complete without taking the time to mention the gorgeous golden beaches. One of the main beaches to visit is La Malagueta, which is perfect for a day of sunbathing and is instantly accessible from the city centre. There are also a number of quieter beaches to be discovered – with a stroll along the waterfront leading to an endless number of relaxing opportunities.

Malaga is one of the most beautiful cities on the southern coast of Spain, offering plenty of chances for blissful relaxation in the sun. There are also many historical artefacts to explore, offering an unparalleled insight into the culture and build-up of the city and surrounding area. Whatever you decide to do during your visit, you will be able to enjoy it all from the comfort of Horizon, which offers a number of contemporary features and plenty of comfortable staterooms.

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