New Canary Islands sailings for Winter 2016

Pullmantur Horizon

Pullmantur Cruises offer a range of seasonal itineraries around the world, with sailings around the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Norwegian fjords operated throughout the summer and Caribbean sailings offered all year round. It goes without saying that the summer season is the busiest for UK holidaymakers seeking warmer climes, but this detracts from the sense of peaceful tranquillity that many seek when embarking on a venture abroad.

By the time winter arrives, many of Europe’s top destinations are faced with enduring much colder and potentially wetter conditions than the rest of year. However, there is one region of the world that remains warm all-year-round. The seven Spanish islands that make up the Canary Islands offer much warmer temperatures than mainland Europe throughout the winter. Located off the west coast of Africa, this group of seven islands often sees temperatures of around 17°C from November to March, which makes for ideal sunbathing conditions on the many golden beaches.

For the first time, Pullmantur Cruises will be operating a winter programme in Europe, with 16 scheduled Canary Islands departures set to sail from November 26th. The 1990-built 1,442 passenger Horizon, which was recently refurbished in 2012, will see guests embark at the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife before visiting the islands of La Palma, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Guests will also be able to visit the Moroccan city of Agadir, which is located at the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

Las Teresitas, Tenerife

Situated on the east coast of the Tenerife, the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the island’s capital and largest city. Here, you will find beaches that are much less crowded than the southern regions of the island. Las Teresitas is the largest beach in the area and features an extensive stretch of beautiful golden sand.

La Palma

La Palma is nicknamed “La Isla Bonita” which translates to The Beautiful Island. There are a couple of cities on the island, but La Palma is better known for its countryside and volcanic landscape, which offers spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean.


Very little is known about the history of Lanzarote, due to much of the island’s archaeological evidence either being buried under lava of stolen by raiders. The island possesses the largest concentration of youthful volcanism of the Canary Islands – which has created a fascinating landscape over the years.


Fuerteventura is perhaps best known for its wind surfing and kite surfing opportunities, with many opportunists taking to the island in a bid to ride the waves. The island was also recently listed by the QualityCoast International Certification Program of the European Coastal and Marine Union as one of Europe’s most attractive tourist destinations for visitors interested in cultural heritage, environment and sustainability.

In previous years, Pullmantur has offered winter sailings further afield in regions such as the Caribbean and South America. For the first time, you will have the option to be able to embark on an affordable all-inclusive winter cruise closer to home with Pullmantur Cruises.

Wherever you are thinking of travelling, Pullmantur Cruises offer a range of itineraries that can take you to some of the world’s most beautiful regions. With each itinerary, you will be able to take advantage of an all-inclusive package which includes all drinks, meals, overseas transfers, and flights. To find out more, contact us via the freephone number above or complete the online enquiry form.