There is no better time to book a Mediterranean cruise…

With Sovereign’s return to European shores set to commence in just 41 days’ time, there really is no better time to contemplate booking a spring or summer escape with Pullmantur Cruises. From 26th March 2018, the contemporary vessel will operate back-to-back Mediterranean sailings, with each itinerary taking passengers to a range of dazzling cities, charming towns, mesmerising landmarks and – of course – golden beaches. To whet your appetite, we take a look at some of the most spectacular destinations you can visit aboard a fantastic Mediterranean sailing aboard Sovereign in 2018.



While Nice attracts tourists in their droves, nearby Villefranche offers a quieter and pristine setting in which you can relax and soak up the sun. The French Riviera town is home to a population of just 30,000 and that means you will be able to enjoy a more authentic taste of the delights of southern France. In fact, many locals regard the beach here as being superior to the stone-filled bays in Nice, with plenty of coarse sands upon which to relax and unwind. You can also soak up the atmosphere by enjoying a stroll along the harbour, or venture further inland to discover the ancient brightly-coloured buildings of the charming old town. There are optional excursions available to Nice and Monaco, but Villefranche has plenty going for it.



As you arrive into the Italian city of Naples, you will be able to admire the towering peak of the volcanic Mount Vesuvius in the distance. This volcano is the basis of a lot of the local history, as you will find out if you choose to visit the ancient settlement of Pompeii. In 79AD, the volcano of Mount Vesuvius erupted and enveloped Pompeii entirely in ash – devastating the town and all its inhabitants. The ash also locked Pompeii in time, preserving many local artefacts and buildings – many of which can be explored today. Each building has been fantastically preserved and each has a different story to tell. Pompeii offers a mesmerising journey through time and an absolute must-visit landmark that is incomparable to anywhere else on earth.



Barcelona is one of Spain’s most iconic cities, offering plenty to see and do and guaranteed to provide something for all the family to enjoy. As a beach city, you will find no shortage of ideal places in which to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun, bur a visit to Barcelona offers so much more if you are willing to explore. One of the most instantly recognisable landmarks is the Sagrada Familia – a breath-taking landmark that has been consecrated as a basilica in recent years. This monumental feat of architectural design is so intricate in detail that it has been under construction for more than 136 years. The building was designed by Antoni Gaudi, and his influence can also be found elsewhere throughout including in Parc Guell, where colourful mosaic designs inspired by Gaudi can be found. As with any large metropolis, Barcelona blends old and new with a collection of popular retail outlets throughout the city.

In addition to the destinations mentioned above, Sovereign will also take passengers to fabulous destinations including Rome, Livorno (For Pisa and Florence), and the French harbour city of Sete. Throughout the journey, you can take advantage of an all-inclusive package which covers all drinks, meals and on board entertainment throughout the duration of your cruise.

While Sovereign is taking passengers to destinations throughout the western Mediterranean, Horizon will also operate itineraries within the region. Horizon’s range of itineraries will take passengers to the Athens, the Maltese capital of Valletta, and the gorgeous Greek Islands.

For more information about the full range of cruises available with Pullmantur in 2018, contact our friendly sales team via the freephone number above or complete the online enquiry form and let us get back to you.