Pullmantur Awarded for Social Media Strategy

PR News has awarded Pullmantur with "Best Social Media Strategy 2014" for successful communication via social networks with customers. Pullmantur was hailed for its online relationship between internet users using web-based tools and commitment to using social media. PR News, who helped to organise the awards, stated: "Pullmantur Cruises has gone one step further by incorporating a social CRM strategy,"

The news comes just one year after Pullmantur decided to extend their highly successful 11 year relationship with multinational telecommunications company, MTN. Over the last year, the Spanish cruise line has begun enhancing all wireless communications on board for passengers and crew members and is a leader in catering to the "Bring your own device" audience. Pullmantur currently offer a wealth of internet based services to its customers including: specialised apps; improved internet connectivity; and social media access.