Pullmantur to reintroduce Brazil sailings

Rio de Janeiro

Throughout 2015, Pullmantur’s range of Brazil itineraries proved to be very popular, taking passengers to a range of relaxing beach destinations over the course of three or four nights. Over the last two years, however, Pullmantur has placed a higher emphasis on cruises within Europe and the Mediterranean, with three of the fleet’s four vessels being positioned within the continent. Now, it has been confirmed that the line will be returning to South America to offer a range of short cruises along the coast of Brazil.

Commencing in the 2017-18 cruising season, Pullmantur’s Sovereign will operate a range of sailings between Santos and Rio de Janeiro. The majority of these itineraries will be four-night sailings, but there will also be special seven-night sailings for Christmas, New Years and Carnival. Full distribution details have yet to be confirmed, but this is certainly an exciting and great value option if you have ever wanted to visit this majestic and colourful country.

Santos, Sao Paulo

Santos is one of the most renowned states of Sao Paolo, attracting visitors from around the world. As you might expect, this area is popular for its range of relaxing beaches, but there is plenty more to see. Running parallel with the beachfront is a huge garden that stretches more than 5km in length – making it the longest beach garden in the world – making for a pleasant stroll. Santos is also where the Coffee Stock Exchange was once located and, today, it houses the Museum of Coffee.

Rio de Janeiro

Stretching out to the east is Rio de Janeiro - a city which many mistake as being the capital of Brazil. It is worth noting that Rio de Janeiro was once the capital of the Portuguese Empire and, therefore, the only capital of a European nation to ever be located outside of the continent. Much of this colonial history still remains visible within the city, with many buildings reflecting the rise of the Portuguese empire. This contrasts with the relaxing atmosphere and culture, with some of the most stunning beaches in the world, fine food and fascinating landmarks such as the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain.

In between enjoying both of these stunning destinations, passengers will be able to enjoy the amenities available on board Sovereign. There are plenty of sun loungers available in which to soak up the sun and pools to help you cool down. These are fringed by bars, which enable you to take advantage of the all-inclusive drinks package. There are also facilities available for younger passengers to enjoy including kids clubs, climbing walls, a video arcade and much more.

For more information about the full range of sailings and the great value available with Pullmantur, contact us via the freephone number above or complete the online enquiry form.