Quiz: Which cruise is right for you?

Knowing where to go on your holidays can sometimes be a difficult decision. Europe is a diverse continent with its fair share of cities, towns, historical landmarks and beautiful natural features.

A cruise makes this decision a little easier by offering the opportunity to visit a number of locations within a specific region of Europe. Pullmantur Cruises can take you to four of Europe’s most spectacular regions, with opportunities to visit the beach-fringed cities of the Mediterranean and the mesmerising natural wonders of the Norwegian fjords.

If you are still struggling to decide where it is that you would like to go, you will be glad to know that this week’s blog offers an interactive quiz module. Simply answer the five questions below based on your personal interests and habits and we will suggest the perfect the cruise for you.

Which of the following best describes you?


What means the most to you when it comes to your holidays?


Which of the following would you most like to see during your cruise?


Who will be joining you on the cruise?


Which of the following activities are you most likely to enjoy while on board the ship?

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