Seven Things You Never Knew About A Cruise Ship

Cruise holidays are an unforgettable experience; filled with fun, sand, sea, exploration, discovery, new experiences and wonder. From the Norwegian Fjords and Iceland to the Mediterranean and Caribbean waters – there is always something new to see and experience on a Pullmantur Cruise.

But there are a number of factors that even experienced cruisers are unaware of - some of them strange and weird; others are probably just better not experienced first-hand. We’ve devised a list of unusual cruise ship facts you may not have previously encountered.

An Apple (and a cracker) a Day keeps the Doctor Away!


If you are prone to getting motion sickness on a cruise ship; there are a number of remedies available to aid you. Whilst looking at the room service menu, you may notice the strange combination of “apples and crackers”. Crew members swear by this drug-free remedy and don’t be surprised if they are handed out in times of stormy weather.

Foods high in fibre and starch are thought to be good at eliminating any nauseous feeling and should be eaten gradually quicker as you start to feel better.


Black Cat on a ship

Although not so common today; cats, particularly black cats, were considered lucky on board ships as they were able to detect and prevent vermin from eating away at ropes. Cats are also able to detect slight changes in the weather as a result of their very sensitive inner-ears and low atmospheric pressure can often make them restless.

It was considered lucky if a cat approached a captain on board a ship and unlucky if it started to approach and then retreated half way. Never should a cat on board a ship be thrown into the sea, as some believe cats store magic in their tails and committing such an act would cause a storm followed by nine years of bad luck.

Fixed Furniture

An attempt at moving the furniture in your cabin (unless you’re in a luxury suite) will often prove futile. If you’ve ever wondered why this is the case; picture a scene of rough seas and a loose wardrobe overlooking the bed… This is a safety precaution and has been implemented beyond the cabins in recent years, extending to the restaurants, casino and other on board venues.


Pullmantur Food

Ever wondered what happens to all the leftover food when you’re sailing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Everything from gourmet steaks and luxurious chocolate desserts to leftover pizza crusts and vegetable peelings are all blended into a smooth solution, using an industrial blender. The solution is then pumped out to the sea and fed to the fishes.

Luxury does not always come at a Price

And by that we mean with reference to the cabins on board a cruise ship.

A balcony cabin at one end of a cruise ship may be very different to another at the other end and this is down to the design of the ship. The bulge of bulges that appear in the middle of some cruise ships will provide a cabin with a larger interior and extended balcony. Some standard cabins are located on the corners of the ship will also provide a wrap-around balcony. You’ll have to be lucky to get one of these; but it is worth noting that both are often better than a more expensive cabin and come at no extra cost.


You’ve experienced: scuba diving in the Caribbean; a safari in the Mediterranean; and danced into the early hours in the onboard nightclub. One experience you don’t want to have to go through, however, is the onboard prison – otherwise known as the brig. Don’t worry – you won’t end up visiting lightly, the cell is merely used as a last resort by the captain to sustain passengers who pose a threat to other passengers or break the rules to a severe extent. The brig has no furnishings and may be used as a room to detain a passenger until the ship returns home or temporarily; dropping the passenger off with the local authorities at the next destination.


Despite having a case of water; tap water on cruise ships is often drinkable – having gone through extensive EU and US health safety tests. It’s all been through the same filtration system – so, despite popular belief, the water at the bar will most likely be exactly same as the water available in your cabin.

Pullmantur Cruises boast a wide range of exciting experiences both on board and at the wonderful ports of call along any selected route.