Cool Cruises: Why Cruise Holidays are perfect for Younger Travellers

The common assumption that cruises may be for the older generation may be true – with the average age for cruise travellers being 45-55; but this should not dissuade younger travellers.

There is a growing market for younger cruisers, which has steadily increased in recent years.

The book is being rewritten and Pullmantur Cruises offer a variety of onboard amenities to suit younger cruisers, in addition to exciting land-based excursions.

According to ABTA, People aged between 16 – 34 took more holidays per year on average than any other age group; with 16-24’s booking 3.4 holidays in 2014 and 25 -34’s taking 3.7 holidays.

Whilst the percentage of 16-24’s taking a cruise holiday in 2013 remained at a low figure of 7%; there appears to be a strong increase in interest – with 19% of saying they were considering a cruise in 2014.

It is also worth noting that 20% of cruisers opt to travel purely with friends and without family or partners; and with so much to do on and off board a cruise ship – you and your friends will never get bored.

Many young people have started to notice the appeal of a cruise holiday and we’ve devised a list of reasons why you should get in on the action.


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A lot of young people are put off cruise holidays by statements which simply aren’t true.

“I’ll get seasick!” A cruise ship is a far cry from the seasickness experience you may have endured on a smaller boat battling against the choppy waves.

The bigger the ship, the less you will feel the power of the ocean and you may even wonder whether you’re on a cruise ship at all.

If you’re still worried about seasickness; try booking an inside cabin – away from any form of sea view - and avoid cruise travel when the seas are at their choppiest (usually throughout the winter and during the hurricane season).

“I’ll get bored!” Ever since the introduction of air travel in 1950’s; cruise ships have had to compete with the faster mode of transport.

This has resulted in the cruise ship getting a much-needed make over and the introduction of numerous onboard amenities and entertainment in the form of nightclubs, bars and Broadway-esque evening shows.

“Isn’t it expensive?” The unique factor about a cruise is that the holiday begins the moment you step on board the ship; and whilst it may take longer than other methods of transport – it is also more glamourous and enjoyable.

In many ways, a cruise holiday can provide the best value for money; but we’ll cover that a little later.

On Board and Land-Based Amenities

You will never be bored on board a Pullmantur ship; with a whole host of amenities available throughout the day including swimming pools. Jacuzzis, a tennis court, a casino, duty free shops and a spa.

Each evening opens Pullmantur Cruise ships up to a whole new level of onboard entertainment; with a variety of shows, live music and theme parties in the Broadway Theatre.

There are also many exhilarating land-based excursions which include: a bay discovery tour in the Mediterranean, jeep safari, chances to get close to turtles and dolphins; and city tours with free time to allow you to explore each city your way.

Meet Like-Minded People

Meet Like-Minded People

Whether travelling alone or as part of a group; a cruise is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and it is very easy to make new friends over a shared interest, an excursion or over dinner.

Staying true to Spanish tradition; Pullmantur cruises offer early sitting dinner at 8pm, meaning the entertainment will start to get lively later into the evening.

With many bars and nightclubs there are plenty of opportunities to meet other young people.

During your time at sea, it is easy to forget any problems you may have back home and relax!

Overall, most people of all ages on a cruise ship will be talkative, friendly and approachable and it is very hard to feel lonely. You are all in the same boat, after all...

Best Value for Money

Perhaps, most importantly, a cruise holiday begins from the moment you step on board the ship and is generally cheaper than air based and land based methods of travel.

No other method of travel offers the same number of amenities, entertainment features or sightseeing opportunities as a cruise.

Whether you want to sit back and relax by the pool with some friends or eat, drink and be merry; you can do it all on the floating hotel that is your cruise ship.

Additionally, Pullmantur offer many all-inclusive packages – meaning you can eat and drink as you please.

Anything from that morning coffee to start the day to the booze that may accompany you meal and beyond; it will all be served with a smile.

Your floating paradise will effortlessly carry you from one exciting destination to the next and a whole host of land-based excursions await at each location.

Explore and experience the sea and the land like never before with a Pullmantur Cruise.