Before embarking

What documents do I need?

All passengers, including children and babies, must have their personal documentation in order, passport, visas or national identification document, according to the country or countries you are going to visit.

It is necessary that you have a minimum validity of 6 months for the itineraries in Egypt, the Holy Land, Antilles and South Caribbean.

Children under the age of 18 who travel without their parents must provide a written permission signed by their parents or tutors due to it may be asked for any authority.

We remind the passengers that they should make sure they have completed all the rules and requirements regarding visas before starting the journey.

Important information on Baltic Capitals and Midnight Sun Cruise

Get to know St. Petersburg and Múrmansk with Pullmantur:

There is an extensive offer of daytime and evening excursions on sale on board that allow you to enjoy this city in depth. All passengers must present their passport and a photocopy of it when they land.

For those who wish to leave the ship at any time:

For this type of traveller, we recommend you process your individual visa through the Russian Consulate in your country. This will allow you to go beyond the port without limitations. For information purposes only, this visa can cost around 150 euros and must be requested at least 25 days in advance. We consider this information fundamental, nevertheless, from our point of view we feel that the excursions we offer on board give you the chance to enjoy this port of call perfectly well avoiding this added expenditure and the hassle it may cause.

For those who wish to leave the ship with our Pullmantur excursions:

Our on board staff will deal with the Russian immigration authorities all the documents required for landing without the need for an individual visa.

How much luggage can I bring?

Your luggage quota will be determined by which airline you are travelling with. If we our arranging your flights for you we will inform you of your weight/size allowance. If you choose to book your own flights please refer to your carriers terms and conditions.

Can you arrange travel insurance?

We can arrange travel insurance for you, please contact us for a quotation.

May I travel while pregnant?

Pregnant women who have not reached the 24th week of pregnancy on the date of the end of the cruise can travel. Pregnant women must have a doctor’s certificate confirming they and their unborn baby are fit to travel.

Is there a minimum age for travelling?

Babies under six months of age on the scheduled boarding date cannot travel.

Can I bring my pet on board?

No animals of any type are permitted on board(except duly-trained and registered guide dogs, and always with Pullmantur's prior consent).

Can you accommodate a guest with a disability?

For safety reasons on board, we limit the number of disabled guests. All disabled guests must travel with a companion. Please let us know of your physical disability when making your reservation.

Is there a special menu for people with special diets such as coeliac, diabetic, salt-free food, kosher food...?

Yes, they only have to specify it when they make the reservations. They will be informed upon their arrival on the ship.

If you request kosher food, it should be noted that the petition should be 6 weeks in advance to the cruise departure, because we have not these products on board and must be applied in advance.

Hotel in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon and Malaga

For passengers from other provinces that need to spend the night in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon or Malaga due to connection with our flights or cruises, we offer the possibility of staying in three- or four-star hotels with an unbeatable quality/price ratio and, in addition, located in the best areas of the city.

Ask us for prices when you make your booking.


Parking service in Madrid airport and in the ports of Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon and Malaga.

For passengers who require it, Pullmantur offers a car park with security, open 24 hours a day, at a special price.

Madrid Long Stay Car Park:

With free bus shuttle service to the departure terminals from the Long Stay Car Park. Consult us for prices.

Barcelona Port Parking Valet:

We offer you two services at the best price for your greater comfort. Consult us for prices.

Exclusive Service:

We pick up your vehicle in our facilities, located near to the port, in C/Motores, 144 in Barcelona. We then take you to the Boarding Terminal. When the cruise returns home, we pick you up in the Boarding Terminal and take you to our facilities, where you pick up your vehicle.

VIP Service:

We pick up your vehicle in the Boarding Terminal and take it to our facilities. When the cruise returns home, we pick you up in the Boarding Terminal and take you to our facilities, where you pick up your vehicle.

Valencia Car Park:

Handily located opposite the Boarding Terminal, you will not need a transfer. When you reach the car park, drive up to the control booth and the parking staff will take your details: name, telephone number, number of cars and days of stay. When you make your booking, Pullmantur also informs you that you can park your car in the car park near to the port in Lisbon, Valencia and Malaga during your cruise. Consult us for prices.

Can I smoke on board?

There are restrictions on smoking in public areas and cabins in all ships, but designated smoking areas are available on all ships in clearly marked zones.

On Board

What should I do with my luggage?

When you arrive at the port, Pullmantur staff will receive your luggage and take it to your cabin, where you will find it, normally, two hours after boarding. Do not forget to label your luggage and to take with you all your medicines, jewellery and any personal valuable items.

Objects that generate heat or cause flames are not permitted on board; this includes irons, hot plates, candles, incense or any other object that may cause fire (curling tongs and hair dryers are allowed); nor are weapons, explosives or any other object that presents a risk to people or property. These objects will be confiscated by the ship's security personnel and appropriate measures will be taken. Items such as divers knives must be declared to the ship's personnel at the time of boarding; these items are permitted on board, but will be retained by the ship's security personnel when they are not required on land. It is also prohibited to take on board food items that are potentially dangerous, such as items requiring refrigeration, heating or storage in the kitchen, and animals of any size (except duly-trained and registered guide dogs, and always with Pullmantur's prior consent).

Who will assist me at boarding time?

Pullmantur staff will welcome you at the port and help you expedite any paperwork necessary. Once on board and for the entire length of the cruise, they will be at your service attending to your needs.

Ports of call

The ports of call and excursions are the ideal complement to your cruise. Take part in an impeccable programme of excursions, all in Spanish, that must be booked and paid for on board. On arriving at the port, the local authorities will go through the formalities so the passengers can disembark; this process takes approximately 30 minutes. Remember to board before the limit time indicated by the ship.

Do I need money on board?

It is not necessary. At the end of your cruise you can pay for your on board expenses in cash, or with any major credit cards. During the cruise to avoid you having to carry your money and cards, we will provide you with an id card with which you can also pay for all your extras on board. For this purpose, at the start of your cruise you must open a credit account funded by your card or a cash deposit. The day before disembarking, on settling your account, you may choose to pay in cash or charge it to the credit card.

How to dress on board

Most people think that you must be impeccably dressed at all times while on board. The Gala Dinner is a special occasion so women can wear an cocktail dress or a suit, and men can wear a suit and tie. You can also dress a bit more casually, however please note that bathing suits and shorts are not allowed in our dining areas after 7:00 p.m. Please bring suitable footwear such as trainers and sportswear if you're planning to practice any kind of sport. We offer a nightly laundry service at very reasonable prices.

Is room service available on board?

Room service is available 24 hours a day at additional charge. You can choose from a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and desserts.

Is internet available on board

In all ships there is an area for the use of the Internet. We have a range of plans or pay as you go options for accessing the internet.

Medical Service

There is always a resident doctor on board and nursing staff that can see you during consultation hours or at any time in case of an emergency. Our medical facility is equipped with the most frequently-used medicines, clinical supplies and surgery equipment for emergencies. Medical services are not included in the price of your cruise.

End of the Cruise

The night before landing you’ll be very busy remembering the most emotive moments of your holiday, saying goodbye to the new friends that you will have made. But don’t forget to pack your luggage and leave your suitcase outside your cabin door, you’ll get it back at the port after disembarking. If you have deposited valuable objects in the safe, don’t forget to take them with you and pay your extra expenses bill.

Disembarkation procedure for all the ships

All disembarkations are organised by priority levels and after all the priority passengers and organised groups. The priority levels are:

  1. Grand Class passengers have priority in the disembarkation and can disembark whenever they want. These passengers have a special magnetic card.
  2. Passengers who have booked Pullmantur excursions have priority over other passengers in disembarkation in any port. They will be organised in numbered groups by the excursions and entertainment team in coordination with the dock operator.
  3. Organised groups or individual passengers who want to disembark before the general disembarkation will be organised in groups in a specific area on the ship.

The ship staff are in charge of these groups coming to the meeting point (or public places), and disembarking after the PA calls.

In all cases, all the stairs, halls and lifts to the hall should be empty for the groups to be able to leave accompanied by the ship staff. The necessary safety controls and barriers will be placed, and only public areas such as bars and buffets be free to access.

Rules of conduct for passengers on board

At the start of the cruise, each passenger will receive a copy of the rules of conduct for passengers on board, which all passengers should read and adhere to during the whole voyage. Should passengers violate the aforementioned policies, the Captain will be entitled to order them to disembark, and to take any other measures that he believes necessary for ensuring compliance, notwithstanding the consequences that could be derived from such violation.