Zenith is the nautical sister of Horizon and she too has served time under the name of Celebrity cruises. She was built in 1992 and, like Horizon, is a mid-sized ship with a capacity of 1,828. This means that passengers will never feel overcrowded in the public areas and that there is plenty going on for guests of all ages.

After a refit in 2013, the ship’s layout and the types of communal areas resemble those found on our other ships like Empress and Monarch. Excellent places to eat and drink are combined with wonderful viewing areas, luxurious accommodation and exciting entertainment to create the perfect setting for your Pullmantur cruise.

Children are looked after just as well as the adults and the lively atmosphere on board generally suits those new to cruising and guests that are younger than the typical cruiser. However, anyone of any age will enjoy their time on board Zenith and will return from their trip relaxed, enriched and ready to book their next adventure.

A Dedicated Crew

From the staff behind the reception desk to the crew that look after the cabins; everyone on board Zenith is there to make your cruise a special occasion. The service in the restaurant is never obtrusive but always obliging and the many barmen scattered across the ship know how to make you feel special (and how to make more than a few cocktails). As for our animation team, they may just be the most memorable part of your cruise. Whether it’s in the restaurant on our special themed nights, out on the pool deck, or in the Rainbow Nightclub; they will have you on your feet and getting involved.

Spacious And Gracious

Your gracious host Zenith is built to offer space in abundance. You will never feel overcrowded on her decks and there will always be somewhere to relax with a drink in hand. During her 20 plus years on the waves she has seen thousands of guests come and go; each one with a smile on their face from start to finish.

A Day In The Life

Some people worry that they will get bored during the days spent entirely at sea, but Zenith has so much to keep you busy throughout the whole day. You could start with a cup of coffee in the Plaza Café before taking your seat in the buffet restaurant for a comprehensive breakfast. You could then head to the pool area to catch a few rays and simmer in the Jacuzzi until lunch rolls around.

After a light lunch there’s the opportunity to pamper yourself in the spa and salon before you re-emerge as a new person and head to the shops to pick out an outfit for the evening. On your way back to your cabin you are drawn in by the flashing lights of the video arcade and before you know it it’s time for dinner. You take a brief aperitif in Harry’s Bar and then enjoy the splendour of a delicious meal in the refined surroundings of the Caravelle Restaurant; ensuring not to skip dessert.

Suitably full, you head into the Broadway Lounge as the performers from the latest show leave you with no choice but to offer a standing ovation. As you make your way to the Rainbow Nightclub to end your evening by hitting the dance floor, the spinning roulette wheel tempts you to try your luck. Your bet on ‘odds’ comes in and you head off to order a celebratory cocktail with a big smile on your face.


47,413 GT
21 knots