Caravelle Restaurant

The main restaurant on board Zenith is a stunning setting where multi-course dinners are taken within an elegant formal environment. Attentive waiters will provide a seamless service whilst the menu features a range of international dishes and those which take inspiration from the part of the world that you are in.

Windsurf Buffet Restaurant

If you would like a change from the formalities of the Caravelle Restaurant then the Windsurf buffet is the place to enjoy a casual meal. Guests are invited to help themselves to a variety of self-serve dishes and can come and go as they please without having to eat at one specific time. Outdoor seating is offered at the grill area and there are both hot and cold options to suit every member of your group.

Plaza Café

Whether you are waking yourself up with your routine morning coffee or grabbing a much needed tea in the middle of the afternoon, the Plaza Café is a great place to relax and take it easy. Catch up with old and new friends and indulge in a quick snack to keep you going until the next meal.