Pullmantur Destinations

A cruise holiday to Africa allows you to see and do things you've only dreamt of - spot majestic elephants and lions on thrilling safari adventures, experiencing a taste of life in zulu villages and marvel at snake charmers, while exploring some of the most exotic locations in Africa like Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.
The Baltic is one of the most intriguing and fascinating regions on earth and a Pullmantur cruise will take you to this land of rich historical culture. A perfect way to see the lands of the Baltic Sea is to go on a Baltic Capitals Cruise where you can learn about the Vikings of Stockholm; visit the remnants of the Berlin wall; and delve into the medieval history of Tallinn. You can also visit Russia, travelling to the “Empress of the Baltic:” St Petersburg full of stunning architecture and Soviet heritage.
This body of water is a perfect haven for holiday goers and can only be accessed from the water by a series of smaller seas and straits. Guarding the entrance to the Black Sea is Istanbul; an intriguing city steeped in history and with historical influence across Europe. You can travel to the city formally known as Constantinople with Pullmantur on a mesmerising journey of wonder and Turkish delight.
Explore the British Isles like never before with a Pullmantur Cruise and visit places that you may have never got round to visiting previously. Watch in awe as you approach the White Cliffs of Dover from the sea; explore the musical and artistic culture of Scotland; visit the wonder of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland; and visit one or a dozen pubs in Dublin. The British Isles represent a strong diversity and you will be wondering why you never got around to exploring these locations before.
Pullmantur will take you on a stunning journey through the idyllic and tranquil Canary Islands, which lie 100km off the coast of Morocco. These islands are renowned for being havens of sun, sea and relaxation as well as featuring fine geological features and charming locals. The towering Mount Teide is instantly recognisable and is the third tallest active volcano from base level in the world. A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site will take you more than 3,600 metres above sea level. Alternatively, you can relax on one of the many golden beaches Tenerife has to offer.
Travel to the world’s most popular and exotic cruise destination in style with Pullmantur and experience the passion, culture and beautiful beaches the Caribbean has to offer. Experience the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe where you will be able to soak up the creole market atmosphere; or travel to Dutch islands: Curaçao and Aruba which both exert vibrant culture and bright colour.
Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra and a small amount of France make up this gorgeous European region of golden beaches, wonderful architecture and intriguing history. Whether you want to witness the macaques of Gibraltar; or explore the different cities of Spain – you’ll be able to do it all in style on board a Pullmantur cruise.
Venture to Iceland on board the Pullmantur Eyjafjallajökull Cruise and witness some of the most stunning natural geological and geographical phenomena in the world. This exciting journey will take you around Icy white glaciers, spurting hot springs and mesmerising active volcanoes as well as the possibility of witnessing a number of whales in their natural habitat.
The Mediterranean is one of the most desirable areas in the world. Sun and sea define these South European and North African destinations; all of which are steeped in history and culture. From learning about Greek mythology and visiting the bewildering Acropolis; to understanding the medieval heritage of Balkan nations such as Montenegro and Croatia; there is so much to see and experience. Pullmantur provide a variety of Mediterranean cruise options, each including a detailed and fascinating itinerary.
A blend of historical and contemporary cultures, traditions and architecture make Northern Europe the intriguing cruise destination it is today. Witness the preserved medieval old towns which have maintained their character over the years; or wander the cobbled streets of Bruges, where you can be sure to indulge in opulent delights and alcoholic beverages. Many wonders and surprises await on board a Pullmantur Cruise around Northern Europe.
Norway and the fjords that dot this magnificent Scandinavian coastline truly are an unforgettable sight. The breath-taking views that you will experience while you wind your way through snow-capped mountains will prepare you for what you will see as you reach remote picturesque villages. The endless sunshine provides you with every opportunity to take in the indescribable surroundings. Some cruises venture as far as the North Cape and Honningsvagg and from there only the Svalbard Islands stand between you and the North Pole.
Taking over ten years to build and almost $382 million to complete, if we fast forward to 400 years later, over 13,000 ships pass through each year. The Panama Canal takes almost 8,000 miles off a voyage going round the southern tip of South America and allows easy access from east to west and vice versa. Marvel at this massive engineering feat or sit back and enjoy the views of beautiful Gutun Lake and emerald jungles.
The region of Scandinavia historically consists of the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden; but has also inherited other Nordic countries such as Finland and the Faroe Islands in recent years. Whether you want to venture in Viking history or admire the mix of Scandinavian and Russian influence; you can do so with a Pullmantur luxury cruise into Scandinavia.
Rounding Cape Horn, sailing up the mysterious Amazon, exploring the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, revelling in Rio just a taste of the many extraordinary cruise experiences available in South America. The most popular of South American cruise itineraries give the cruiser the unusual opportunity to experience all four seasons in just two weeks. From the warmth of Buenos Aires or Rio and the initial ports of call in Uruguay and Argentina, cruise to the autumn cool of the Falkland Islands and cold blast of Tierra del Fuego and Chile's Punta Arenas before more spring-like weather along the Chilean fjords. You then return to steamy summer weather in the Chilean capital Santiago's port of Valparaiso
Spending a long time at sea travelling the Atlantic Ocean may seem daunting at first; but with Pullmantur on board amenities and exciting off board excursions – you can take time out to relax appreciate your surroundings. Travel on a Portuguese cruise of expedition by sailing from Recife in Brazil to Portugal; or learn about the history of the French territory of Fort-de-France in Martinique before sailing on to Marseille, France. With such intriguing routes and destinations; there’s no better option than to cruise the Atlantic Ocean with Pullmantur.